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Famous Korean Ghosts

Korean Ghosts Halloween is here, that means changing leaves, cooler weather and scary stories of ghosts and other spooky creatures to frighten kids (and sometimes adults). While Halloween isn’t a holiday that’s celebrated in Korea, spirits, grim reapers and goblins are no strangers to Korea and in fact, very prevalent in Korean culture and folklore. While Halloween and scary creatures are normally associated with the fall season in western culture, its the opposite in Korea. Korean ghost stories and scary movies are often related with the summer season, with many horror films and dramas being released during the summer...

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Infamous German professional beggar/partier deported from Indonesia today

Infamous German professional beggar/partier deported from Indonesia today Benjamin Holst pictured begging on a street in Bali. Photo: Facebook   German national Benjamin Holsts’ latest odyssey of begging and partying across Asia came to an end today with his deportation from Jakarta. If you aren’t familiar with Holst’s exploits and only came across him begging on the streets, the sight of his giant swollen foot might make you feel sorry enough for him that you’d give him all your change. But he has been exploiting people’s sympathy since at least 2014 to get money which he then used to...

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BLΛƆK PIИK -[UPDATE] Filming MV during Chuseok; Comeback in OCT with 2 or More Songs

BLΛƆK PIИK -[UPDATE] Filming MV during Chuseok; Comeback in OCT with 2 or More Songs BLACKPINK DIGITAL DEBUT SINGLE ALBUM: Melon: Bugs: Olleh: Genie: BLACK PINK DEBUT ON ALL CHARTS WHISTLE MelOn: #11 MNET: #1 Bugs: #1 Olleh: #1 Soribada: #17 Genie: #1 Naver: #6 Monkey 3: #8 BOOMBAYAH Melon: #15 MNET: #2 Bugs: #3 Olleh: #3 Sorbada: #11 Genie: #2 Naver: #11 Monkey 3: #11 V CHANNEL MV UPLOADS: BOOMBAYAH—붐바야BOOMBAYAH-MV WHISTLE—휘파람WHISTLE-MV [BLACKPINK- DEBUT SHOWCASE COUNTER] BLACKPINK – DEBUT SINGLE ‘휘파람’ BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA D-2 BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA D-2 “JISOO” BLACKPINK...

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20 Best Bangkok Hotels

Bangkok Hotels SUPER LUXURIOUS 1. Mandarin Oriental The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok stands on its own in terms of prestige and history. Over 100 years old, the Oriental’s riverside grandeur has played host to a proud list of clientele, including Elizabeth Taylor and Mick Jagger. It has also revived (and inspired) many a weary literary soul sampling the charms of Siam, including the likes of Noel Coward, Somerset Maugham, Norman Mailer, Joseph Conrad and Ernest Hemingway. The older Author’s Wing retains its magical aura of ‘the East’ of antiquity with its picturesque parlors, each named for a scribe they once...

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The Top 51 Cities to See in Your Lifetime

Here are the 51 cities you must see during your lifetime. My opinion, Korea should be at the top so I put it as VIP City. VIP) Seoul, Korea – Not too many cities in the world have royal palaces that are hundreds of years old sitting next to huge modern urban skyscrapers, but Seoul has an interesting balance with it’s ancient history and ultra modern development. The unique and beautiful contrast between old and new in Seoul is another reason you should find yourself in Seoul sooner than later. 1.) Venice, Italy – How could we not include Venice? From its picturesque canals...

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