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Lustprinzip Date App Game

Lustprinzip – Date App Game “Wam bam, thank you Khrap,” says Gert Jan Wallet. Self proclaimed booty pro that has been a predatorious in the dating app scene has shared with us on how it’s done. Having a record of over 400 one night stands of pure sexual engagement on the first night in the three years in Thailand; he has been playing this game as a full time hobby. Gert moved to Thailand from the Netherlands once he realize his tactics worked well for him. “It’s a numbers game. I just hit “like” to all the females in...

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A Hunt for Oneself – Thailand Mentality

Thailand Culture Mentality A Hunt for Spiritual Enlightenment To One Thailand Culture Mentality A Hunt for Spiritual Enlightenment To One Spirit Worship is as old as mankind itself. In Thailand the phenomenon goes back to the ancient days when the Tai’s were beginning their slow migration from the Red River Delta in northern Vietnam to all parts of the Southeast Asian region. Spirit Worship, or Animism, was a religion by which the entire world lived at one time, and when Buddhism came to Southeast Asia, it developed side by side with the ancient spirit religion. Today, many of the...

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Mental Push Ups

Board Games you will Love! The board game circuit is nothing short of just a new social circuit that can lead to a whole new network of similar minded advocates in the digital world that you could connect without plugging in, literally. The mindless social pub crawl in just “getting wasted” and “getting laid” gets old quick in the social realm of Thailand. As much as a woman enjoys expressing dance moves and eyelash batting, an alternative option in using your time wisely, would be to challenge men in their arena, adding potpourri to your life style. I recently...

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12 Men You Will Find in Bkk (Dating Scene)

12 Men You Will Find in Bangkok, Thailand By Sheeky Sanders I’ve been in Thailand for a little over a year and arrived single. Considered to take the dating scene head on, I realized that this task had more head games then I ever imagined. Unlike the dating scene in California, being Asian American, I really didn’t deal with racism or shy men. I could pretty much stereotype California men as assertive, quick to compliment, and offered comfort to a degree. It wasn’t like they didn’t enjoy the attention I’ve learned to give back. Nonetheless, witty banter and arrogance...

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